Four Quick Early-Season Tips for Triathletes

Four Quick Early-Season Tips for Triathletes


The 2012 triathlon season is upon us! Spring is here, and with races right around the corner, I wanted to share a few race ready tips and workouts.

  • Gather all of your gear and make sure it is all still in good shape. You don’t want to be scrambling the night before trying to find that ‘safe place’ you put your run number belt. Nor do you want to discover on race morning that your wetsuit has a big hole in it.
  • Get a good bike tune-up. You’ve probably ridden outside several times already with the mild temperatures most of us have been enjoying, but it’s still a good idea to make sure your bike is race ready and sparkling clean.
  • The thoughtful brick. Most of us will do a brick (most commonly running right after biking) quite often but this brick is one where you set up a complete transition and run through it just like you would in a race. This way you are practicing your transitions (free speed!) while also getting the benefit of a brick.
  • Race-simulation swim set. The start of the swim in a race is typically fast and furious — even in the pool. During practice, try a set like one of these to simulate the feeling you will have at your race:
    • 4×100 as 50 FAST, 50 cruise. 20 seconds rest in between each 100.
    • 4×200 as 50 FAST, 100 cruise, 50 FAST. 30 seconds rest in between 200.
    • 3×400 as 100 FAST, 250 cruise, 50 FAST — pull one of these with paddles and/or pull buoy. 45 seconds rest in between each 400

Have fun at these early season races — they’re a great way to shake off the cobwebs for the bigger races later on.

Bri Gaal is co-owner and head coach of One Step Beyond Multisport. You can learn more about coaching services and camps/clinics at She will be back on the race course this season after having her first child in December 2011.